Bengkulu City Election Heads to Second Round

By webadmin on 10:32 am Sep 21, 2012
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Bengkulu. A pair of candidates backed by a slew of major parties has come first in the initial round of municipal elections in Bengkulu city, but a crowded field meant it failed to secure enough votes to avoid a runoff poll.

Quick counts conducted after the ballot in the southern Sumatra city showed that mayoral candidate Helmi Hasan and his deputy Patriua Sosialinda secured 27.3 percent of the vote, falling short of the 30 percent-plus-one needed to take the job without a second round of voting.

The leading pair has the backing of several parties, including the Golkar Party, the Democratic Party, the National Mandate Party (PAN), and the Great Indonesian Movement (Gerindra) Party.

Salahudin Yahya, head of the Bengkulu City General Election Commission, cautioned that the results of quick count were not the final results.

“If the results of the Bengkulu City elections turns out similar to that of the quick count, then it is certain that the municipal elections will take two rounds because none of the contenders had 30 percent of the votes plus one valid vote,” Salahudin said.

The team of Ahmad Kanedi and Dani Hamdani finished in second place with 24.9 percent, followed by Leny Jhon Latif and Sudoto on 17.4 percent.

A second round will take place in November.

The official results of the first round are scheduled to be taken to a plenary of the commission for approval and will be announced next Thursday.

Eleven pairs of candidates competed in the election.

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