Bali’s ‘Subak’ Technique Makes Unesco World Heritage List

By webadmin on 08:11 pm May 21, 2012
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The Jakarta Globe

Unesco has named Bali’s traditional “subak” irrigation system as a world-heritage activity, a minister said on Monday.

“The meeting to announce the decision will be on June 20, but Unesco has recommended Bali’s cultural landscape, so that meeting will only be to make it official,” Deputy Education and Culture Minister Windu Nuryanti said in Jakarta on Sunday, as quoted by the Indonesian Cabinet Secretariat’s news portal

“The world is proud of Indonesia. Thank you for all the support,” she added.

Windu said the June 20 meeting of Unesco, also called the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, would be held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

On its website, Unesco describes subak as “a kind of democratic organization in which the farmers whose fields are fed by the same water source meet regularly to coordinate plantings, to control the distribution of irrigation water and to plan the construction and maintenance of canals and dams, as well as to organize ritual offerings and subak temple festivals.

“Rice is the main food component in Bali and the Balinese people believe that rice is a gift of the gods. The first fruits are given back to the gods and complex ceremonies accompany each stage of the growth of the rice plant.”

Subak was officially nominated for Unesco’s world cultural heritage list in 2007.