Ax-Wielding Batman Runs Amok, Slashes 7 Indonesian Boat Passengers

By webadmin on 03:25 pm Jul 04, 2012
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Makassar. A 50-year-old named Batman on Tuesday slashed seven passengers with an ax on a boat traveling from Samarinda, East Kalimantan, to Parepare, South Sulawesi.

The boat, Madani Nusantara, was about to dock in Parepare when the incident took place.

“The perpetrator who brought an ax suddenly seemed to be possessed and ran amok,” Adj. Sr. Sudarno, the harbor police chief, said on Wednesday. “He hit himself and attacked others.”

The passengers panicked but successfully managed to subdue Batman by beating him until he fainted.

“The perpetrator [Batman] was taken to Andi Makkasau Hospital for medical treatment after docking, as he suffered injuries,” Sudarno said.

Among the victims are Gallong, Dullah, Hakim, Daeng Nompo and 5-year-old Sajid. They suffered ax wounds to their heads and hands and were taken to Fatimah Hospital. The other two victims suffered only minor injuries and have returned home.

The cause of the attack is not yet known. Police speculated that Batman might have anxiety issues, as he choose to secluding himself from other passengers during the voyage. Authorities plan to transfer Batman to a mental hospital where he will undergo a psychological assessment.

“But we’re still waiting until he has recovered from his wounds,” Sudarno said.