Authorities Shut Padang Nightclub After Sex Show, Arrest Strippers

By webadmin on 11:49 am Sep 28, 2011
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Padang, West Sumatra. Officials in Padang, West Sumatra, have closed a nightclub and arrested two woman following a striptease performance.

Padang Mayor Fauzi Bahar said he had given the order to close Vellas Cafe “because we have proof that it displayed a strip show.”

Fauzi held a news conference with members of the Public Order Agency (Satpol-PP) to announce the closure and a review of all entertainment establishments in the city, which is popular with foreign tourists only as a gateway to the Mentawi Islands.

“We will be more selective in issuing permits for such entertainment businesses,” he said.

He said all nightclubs and restaurants had to be closed by 11 p.m. and strip performances were forbidden.

“We don’t want Padang’s nightlife to ruin the morals of our younger generation by showing striptease dancing,” he said.