Australia’s Best Wining And Dining, in Jakarta

By webadmin on 07:41 pm Apr 24, 2012
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Sylviana Hamdani

Margaret River is a destination blessed with scenic mountains, good waves, warmhearted people and fertile land. Only a few hours from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, the lush green valley boasts some of the nation’s best produce, from black truffles and olive oil to fine wines.

In celebration of these exquisite offerings, the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place will present some of Margaret River’s best dishes and wines in an event that begins today and runs through Saturday.

“The region has a cold climate that gives you wines that take a much longer time to mature,

and because of that, you get wines that are much finer than the ones produced in a hot climate,” said Patrick Weder, the hotel’s executive assistant manager of food and beverages.

Nearly 60 top wineries in the Margaret River area produce premium Australian sauvignon blanc, semillon, cabernet and merlot. The region is also home to Australia’s best Angus and Wagyu beef.

“We want our guests to experience the best that Margaret River has to offer right here in Jakarta,” Weder said. Celebrity chefs Dennis Mifsud and Tony Howell, both from Margaret River, will be on hand to share their culinary expertise.

Mifsud is the chef and owner of the prominent Wino’s Margaret River, while Howell is the resident executive chef of Cape Lodge, a multi award-winning gourmet restaurant. He was also a finalist of MasterChef Australia last year.

On Wednesday, the duo will share some of their secret recipes in a Masterchef Class at the hotel’s banquet kitchen from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Indonesian food enthusiast and writer Petty Elliott, who has a column in the Jakarta Globe, will be part of the event.

“It’s going to be a casual and intimate event,” Weder said. “Guests are welcome to mingle with the chefs and enjoy the lunch after the class.”

On Thursday evening, Mifsud and Howell will prepare a five-course gala dinner for the guests. The meal will include yabby, a type of crayfish, served over tortellini pasta with a soft, creamy, corn sauce, as well as steak poached in red wine and garnished with sweet potato paste, sour cream and a king oyster mushroom.

A “special dessert” will also be presented, “but I think I’ll keep it a secret for the evening,” Mifsud said.

Each dish will be paired with premium wines from Margaret River.

“We’ll start with the sauvignons and chardonnays and then move on to the cabernets and shiraz of the region,” Mifsud said.

On Friday, the hotel will also host an open-air wine market from 5 to 10 p.m. Guests can sample the offerings and make direct orders from suppliers at special prices.

“Top winery owners and winemakers from Margaret River will be present during the wine market, so the guests can learn about the wines that they produce, how they produce them and what makes them special,” Weder said.

The wine market will offer about 35 top Australian wines, and customers can request home deliveries for special orders.

A second wine tasting on Saturday will also feature owners and winemakers from Margaret River. The formal event will offer another chance to sample some of the world’s finest ingredients, with a range of miniature meat and fish dishes and chili chocolate truffles to go with the wine.

Masterchef Class (Wednesday): Rp 398,000 ($44) per person
Celebrity Guest Chefs and Winemakers Dinner (Thursday): Rp 1,188,000 per person
Wine Market at 8 Lounge (Friday): Rp 298,000 per person
Wine Tasting Experience (Saturday): Rp 398,000 per person
For reservations, call 021 2550 1888