Audit for Ancol Water Park After Slide Collapse

By webadmin on 10:35 pm Sep 28, 2011
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The recent collapse of a water slide at the Atlantis Water Adventure Park in Ancol, North Jakarta, has prompted city authorities to order a professional audit on the larger construction of which the slide was a part.

The audit will be conducted by a consultant and could take any amount of time, said Wiriyatmoko, the head of daily operations at the Jakarta Building Control and Monitoring Office (P2B).

The 14-meter slide, called Octopus, collapsed on Sunday, injuring four people. The accident came just two months after an incident at a nearby park managed by the same company sparked large-scale police checks of rides.

Wiriyatmoko said that until the audit was completed, the slide would remain closed.

“At present, the facility that was affected by the collapse should not be open to the public until the investigation and the necessary repairs have been completed,” he said.

He also said his office would scrutinize any application from Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, which manages the park, for a building permit for a replacement slide. Such a permit will not automatically be granted, he said.

“We will follow the recommendation of the building construction advisory team after they have studied the application for the building,” he said.

The collapse of the slide on Sunday was caused by corrosion on one of the supporting pillars, leaving it unable to bear the load, Wiriyatmoko said.

All of the victims have since been allowed to return home.

The company said the slide was eight years old. It also said it would bear all the medical costs incurred by the victims as well as provide them special deals for entrance to the Ancol Dreamland Park and Atlantis.