Attorney General’s Office Arrests Fugitive Riau Graft Convict

By webadmin on 07:15 pm Jun 18, 2012
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Rangga Prakoso

The Attorney General’s Office Intelligence Unit has arrested fugitive graft convict Muhammad Syafii Matondang, who was wanted for corruption related to the provision of palm oil kernels that caused Rp 9.3 billion ($995,000) in state losses.

Syafii is linked to the cooperation between state logistics company Perum Bulog and Rezki Cipta Illahi for the provision and processing of palm oil kernels.

Syafii was arrested on Sunday evening at a restaurant in Pancoran, South Jakarta, the Attorney General’s Office spokesman M. Adi Toegarisman said.

“We will send him to the penitentiary in Pekanbaru for him to serve his punishment,” Adi said, referring to the provincial capital of Riau.

Syafii has been a wanted fugitive since Feb. 3, 2011. As the former commercial head of Perum Bulog in Riau, he was found to have engaged in corruption together with Riau Bulog’s regional division chief Syarief Abdullah, former Riau trade office chief Hendri Mairizal and Rizki Cipta’s former treasurer Zulbuchori.

“He was proven guilty by the district court but acquitted by an appeals court,” Adi said, adding however, that the Supreme Court reversed the appeals court’s decision and sentenced him to five years in prison on Jan. 14, 2009.

After that decision was received by Pekanbaru prosecutors in 2010, Syafii failed to respond to multiple summonses, leading authorities to declare him a fugitive in 2011.

Syarief, Hedri and Zulbuchori are still on the run.