Artalyta Waiting on Doctor’s Approval to Attend KPK Questioning

By webadmin on 10:41 am Jul 18, 2012
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Businesswoman and graft convict Artalyta Suryani was a no show at the Corruption Erradication Commission (KPK) on Monday after submitting a letter which said she was waiting for a doctor’s approval to travel from Singapore, where she’s receiving medical treatment.

“She requested to reschedule, but only [once] her doctor approved it,” Teuku Nasrullah, Artalyta’s lawyer told on Wednesday.

Teuku said that Artalyta has been in Singapore since June 22 for physiotherapy treatment for a nerve disorder in her neck; he said Artalyta asked the doctor to allow her return to Lampung, but the doctor denied the request.

But KPK spokesman Johan Budi said on Tuesday that the commission is still waiting for the doctor’s letter regarding Artalyta’s illness.

“The Corruption Eradication Commission has been asking for a doctor’s letter from Artalyta, because she only sent us a personal letter telling us that she was ill,” Johan said.

Johan said the KPK would wait a few days for the doctor’s letter before sending another summons.

Artalyta, who was released from jail in Jan. 2011, was summoned by the KPK to give testimony over an alleged bribe paid by a palm oil plantation to an official in Buol, Central Sulawesi.

Amran Batalipu, the Buol district chief, was arrested by the KPK for allegedly taking money from a company owned by Hartati Murdaya as a kickback for a plantation concession. Two employees of Hardaya Inti Plantations, Yani Ansori and Gondo Sujono, have also been named suspects.

But it is not yet clear what role or knowledge Artalyta, who owns a palm oil plantation in Buol and is considered a competitor of Hartati’s company, has in the case.

Artalyta served two-thirds of a four-and-a half sentence for bribing a prosecutor.

There has been a long spate of illness associated with graft suspects and convicts: Muhammad Nazaruddin missed a KPK session because of complaints of chest pain; Nazaruddin’s wife, Neneng Sri Wahyuni, was hospitalized for a severe stomach ailment; Angelina Sondakh suffered from sinusitis and was briefly hospitalized; and Nunun Nurbaeti complained of numerous ailments including memory loss and high blood pressure.

Former Bank Indonesia Senior Deputy Governor and graft suspect Miranda Goeltom has so far been in good health.