Anti-Greenpeace Politician With Bakrie Ties Wants to Be Jakarta Governor

By webadmin on 04:22 pm Aug 19, 2011
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A Golkar politician with family links to party chairman Aburizal Bakrie has thrown his hat into the ring for the upcoming gubernatorial elections in Jakarta.

Prya Ramadhani, the chairman of Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) and the father of actress Nia Ramadhani, who is married to Bakrie’s youngest son, Ardi, said he hoped his family could “help me gain popularity.”

“Not only Nia but the whole family with whatever they have,” Prya told news portal

Golkar has named Prya as one of its candidates for either governor or deputy governor. The party is currently in discussions with other political parties to support him.

“If God is willing, I am ready. Golkar will step up socialization and coordination,” he said.

Prya has already indicated what type of mayor he would be, previously supporting efforts by a gang of vigilantes to evict environmental group Greenpeace from Indonesia.

“If Greenpeace’s presence makes Jakarta’s situation less conducive, I support the FBR [Betawi Brotherhood Forum] to evict Greenpeace,” he said. “If I become the governor of Jakarta, Greenpeace can get out of Jakarta unless they follow the law.”

Earlier this month, the FBR held a rally against Greenpeace, accusing it of deliberately attempting to tarnish the image of Indonesian companies.

Greenpeace, which denies being an illegal body, has carried out a sustained campaign against the palm oil industry in Indonesia, targeting plantation companies such as Sinar Mas.

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