Another Suspect Named in Tax Collector Dhana Graft Case

By webadmin on 07:54 pm Jul 03, 2012
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Rangga Prakoso

Indonesia’s Attorney General’s Office announced another suspect in the office’s expanding investigation into a corruption and money laundering allegations levied against tax collector Dhana Widyatmika.

“HT was declared a suspect after undergoing questioning last week,” AGO spokesman M. Adi Toegarisman said.

The initials referred to Hendro Tirtawijaya, a tax consultant for Ditax.

Adi said that Hendro worked together with another suspect, Herly Isdiharsono, but declined to detail the new suspect’s suspected involvement in the case.

Johnny Basuki, the president director of Mutiara Virgo and another suspect, and Herly shared a link, Adi said.

But the AGO spokesman was tight-lipped on the details of these suspects’ involvement.

“It will be revealed after the probe by the investigators is completed,” he said.
Herly and Dhana were part of the team of tax officers who were charged assessing how much money Mutiara Virgo would receive in a tax refund. The two men were worked at the Pancoran chapter of the tax office in South Jakarta from 2005-2006. It is suspected that the demand for the refund was filed by Johnny through Hendro.

Johnny is suspected of having bribed Herly and Dhana in return for the refund.

In February, prosecutors named Dhana a corruption suspect after discovering an “unreasonably large” amount of money in his bank accounts. The tax collector made Rp 8 million ($856) a month.

To date, investigators have seized Rp 18 billion from Dhana. They expect to find more.