Another Indonesian Tax Official Allegedly Caught Accepting Bribes

By webadmin on 11:17 am Jun 07, 2012
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Rizky Amelia

A Sidoarjo tax official was allegedly caught accepting more than Rp 280 million ($30,240) in bribes on Wednesday in the latest alleged graft scandal involving an Indonesian tax official.

Tomy Hendratno, of Sidoarjo’s tax office, was allegedly caught accepting a brown envelope stuffed with rupiah notes in a restaurant in Tebet, South Jakarta. The man reportedly handing the bribes over was a businessman identified as “J.G.,” according to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

are still counting the money,”  Johan Budi, spokesman of KPK, said Wednesday evening.

The bribery was allegedly to avoid a tax payment.

A spokesman for the tax office said he was disappointed by the arrest. The office is waiting for the KPK’s investigation to conclude before they address Tomy’s alleged actions.

“We will leave it to the (KPK) to investigate,” tax office spokesman Dedi Rudaedi said.
“We will deal with the [office] regulation after investigation [concludes].”

The Attorney General’s Office is currently investigating Dhana Widyatmika, a South Jakarta tax official, after discovering a large amount of rupiah, US dollars and gold in his bank accounts.

Investigators previously discovered Rp 100 billion in the bank accounts of Gayus Tambunan, a mid-level tax official with a monthly salary of Rp 9 million. He is currently serving 28 years in prison for bribing police, the wardens at the Mobile Brigade (BriMob) office where he was detained and falsifying his passport to travel abroad when he was supposed to be in jail after he was arrested. He was first detained by the KPK for money laundering and accepting more than $7 million in bribes from clients.