Angelina’s Boyfriend Cancels Visit After Seeing Journos at KPK Office

By webadmin on 07:34 pm Jun 30, 2012
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Rizky Amelia

Angelina Sondakh’s rumored boyfriend — a former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator — canceled a visit to the graft suspect’s cell after he saw journalists hanging around the KPK’s detention center on Saturday.

Brotoseno parked his Honda Jazz outside the antigraft body’s detention center in Kuningan, South Jakarta on Saturday. The former KPK investigator was carrying a small cake when he walked up to the center with a friend.

But when Brotoseno saw a group of journalists milling about the entrance he allegedly got cold feet and handed the cake to an officer.

He then turned and began to walk back to his car. A reporter asked Brotoseno what he was doing at the detention center.

“Just wanted to visit Angie and bring her a cake,” he said.

Brotoseno was kicked out of the KPK in December of last year after news broke that he was dating Angelina, the focus of the KPK’s ever-expanding investigation into graft allegations surrounding the construction of an atheletes village for the Southeast Asian Games in 2011. 

The former KPK investigator now works as a police officer.

Angelina, Miss Indonesia 2001 and the former deputy secretary-general of the Democratic Party, has been in lock up since late April.