Anas, Andi Blamed in Hambalang Sports Center Scandal

By webadmin on 09:09 pm Jun 07, 2012
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Rizky Amelia & Ezra Sihite

Muhammad Nazaruddin, who was convicted earlier this year of rigging the tender to build an athletes’ village for the Southeast Asian Games, has continued to point his finger at the Democratic Party chairman and the minister of youth and sports affairs.

Nazaruddin said Democratic Party chairman Anas Urbaningrum and Sports Minister Andi Mallarangeng created the budget for the graft-tainted Hambalang sports center project in Bogor.

“The budget plan was arranged by the sports minister and Anas Urbaningrum,” Nazaruddin, who was the Democratic Party’s former treasurer, said on Tuesday.

He was speaking upon his arrival at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for questioning in the case of Democratic Party lawmaker Angelina Sondakh, who is suspected of rigging the tender for the Southeast Asian Games project and rigging the bid for the Hambalang project.

Nazaruddin said Anas and Andi were involved in the Hambalang project.

“So if they say they don’t know anything, that’s all a lie,” he said.

Nazaruddin said he and Angelina were just the “executors” but declined to elaborate on what that role entailed.

He has earlier accused Anas of receiving Rp 100 billion ($10.6 million) in kickbacks to ensure that construction company Adhi Karya won the contract.

KPK deputy chairman Zulkarnain said the antigraft body has never made politics a priority in solving graft cases.

“We’re law enforcers, we prioritize the legal aspect,” he said.

He said the KPK was carefully processing the Hambalang case. The scope of the case is wide, he added, and the antigraft body has not yet named any suspects.

Two buildings, an indoor field and a power house collapsed at the partly-constructed Hambalang sports center last week, confirming previous analysis that the area was prone to landslides.