An exercise in success

By webadmin on 04:11 pm Nov 01, 2011
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Even while he’s wearing a business suit, it’s easy to tell that JJ Sweeney is in excellent shape. And it’s no wonder. The fitness buff has turned his passion for exercise and healthy living into a lucrative business as one of the founders of Celebrity Fitness, one of Southeast Asia’s most successful fitness centre brands.

Although Sweeney hails from Ireland, his accent is hard to detect, no doubt due to the extensive travels his work has taken him over the last two decades. After trying to pursue a career as a footballer, he finally decided on attending the Irish Sports Institute, where he got a degree in sports science.

“Going to Sports Institute and getting my sports science degree was great decision, because it was my way into fitness. Since then, I’ve always been teaching group fitness classes, aerobics classes, being a personal trainer.”

After leaving Ireland, he ended up going to New Zealand to work for Total Fitness, which gave him the opportunity to help train some of the country’s top athletes, such as Annelise Corberger, who won the silver medal in Alpine Skiing at the Winter Olympics in Albertville.