An Artistic ‘Offering’ for the Holidays

By webadmin on 05:05 pm Dec 23, 2011
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Tasa Nugraza Barley

Christmas has always been the most perfect time of year for artist F.X. Lucky Widyasmara, a devout Christian.

That feeling of wonder and awe he experiences during the holiday season is something he tries to share with the paintings in his new exhibition, “Perfect Offering” at Grand Indonesia mall in Central Jakarta.

Lucky studied graphic design at the Academy of Art and Visual Design in Yogyakarta. The 31-year-old has been involved in numerous exhibitions across Indonesia since 2009.

“Everything in this life comes from God,” said Lucky, discussing the theme of the current exhibition. “And in return, we have to give the best we can to God. ‘’

Lucky’s life has been particularly fortunate. Before becoming an artist, he worked on a cruise ship, which afforded him the opportunity to see the world. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for art. Lucky said he was fortunate enough to learn about painting under the direction of Juan Pablo, a painter who lives in Barcelona.

The works in “Offering” were strongly influenced by man’s spiritual journey. Most of the paintings were inspired by Bible verses and proverbs, as well as Christian culture.

Lucky calls himself a sketcher, but “Offering” demonstrates his skill in a variety of media. In the exhibition, the artist concentrates on Surrealism, with pencils and acrylics featured prominently.

One of the most impressive works in the exhibition is “Perfect Offering,” the show’s namesake. The 150-by-150-centimeter painting depicts Jesus observing a poor widow who is giving her only two coins to others who are in even greater need. Inspired by a verse in the Bible, Lucky said the painting represented those people in the world who are truly selfless.

The exhibit features another impressive Bible-themed painting, “First Miracle.” The painting’s description reads: “The transformation of water into wine at the Wedding at Cana is the first miracle of Jesus in the Gospel of John.”

Lucky’s painting shows water from a faucet turning into red wine as it flows into a glass.

“Crown of the King” depicts a gold crown and a crown of thorns that resembles the one Jesus wore during his crucifixion. In another work, “Christ Aid,” there is a modern first-aid box, emblazoned with a Red Cross symbol, containing a crown of thorns and several nails.

Although his paintings mostly focus on Christian themes, Lucky said people of all faiths could appreciate the exhibition.

“I want people to learn about respect and understanding through my artwork and not feel alienated by religion,” he said.

Artworks Management, the Jakarta-based art house that organized the exhibition, said Lucky was a talented artist with a bright future.

“The exhibition showcases his distinctive artistic style. Over the years Lucky has developed an aesthetic sense as well as the creative skills to create images with sumptuous details,” said Astrid Natasastra, an Artworks Management representative. “His narratives are embodied with various depictions of biblical stories and scriptures that show his passion and spirituality.”

Lucky said he was grateful for the life he has and will continue to make art to express his gratitude to God.

“I was born simply to add more color to this life,” he said. “Let’s give our love to God with all our hearts, souls and thoughts.”

Perfect Offering
Until Dec. 31
Jakarta Art District, Grand Indonesia
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Central Jakarta