Alleged Villain Cop Susno Duadji Loses 5 Kilograms, Retains Trademark Smirk

By webadmin on 05:48 pm Aug 19, 2010
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Jakarta. Once among Indonesia’s most hated men, a playful Comr. Gen. Susno Duadji on Thursday joked with journalists and disclosed that life behind bars as he awaited his corruption trial had done wonders for his squat figure.

The National Police’s former chief of detectives, who went from villain for his alleged involvement in a murky conspiracy to bring down the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to a hero of sorts for implicating senior police officers in graft, chatted freely with journalists at the Constitutional Court.

Despite the court dismissing an attempt by Susno to suspend legal proceedings against him, the officer — who appeared slimmer, healthier and even happier — disclosed that life behind bars at Mobile Brigade (Brimob) headquarters in Depok was not all bad.

“I have lost more than five kilograms through exercise,” a smirking Susno told in a news conference after the hearing. “I exercise by jumping around in the cell and jogging … I’m also fasting normally.”

Asked about his looming corruption trial for allegedly receiving a Rp 500 million ($56,000) bribe for a favorable conclusion to a criminal investigation, Susno said it was unethical to comment on ongoing proceedings.

“Please ask me something else, like the question about why I’m thinner now.”

Susno said that time sped up in jail and invited journalists to occupy the adjoining cells if they did not believe him.

“Suddenly night comes, and tomorrow comes and night comes again. Sometimes I forget what day it is, whether it’s Monday or Tuesday,” he said. “So if you you want to experience a quicker day, you could join me in jail.”

He added: “There are still plenty of room available for those who want it.”