AGO Sees No Reason to Charge Prosecutors

By webadmin on 04:18 pm Mar 10, 2012
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Rangga Prakoso

The Attorney General’s Office says it sees no wrongdoing in connection with bank accounts held by nine prosecutors that have aroused the suspicions of the money laundering watchdog.

Marwan Effendy, deputy attorney general for internal supervision, considered the amount of money in the accounts as normal and were considered too small for bribery or blackmail.

“An echelon-II prosecutor gets a salary of Rp 6 million [$660] per month but has Rp 10 million [in his account]. This doesn’t mean the Rp 10 million comes from blackmail or bribery. It’s not logical that an echelon-II [officia] would only recieve Rp 10 million via bribes,” he said on Friday.

Marwan said what the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) deemed suspicious accounts were actually the result of additional income from businesses and selling family jewelry.

“Maybe the PPATK saw the salaries of the nine prosecutors and suspected them,” he said.

Marwan added that some of the money in the accounts was there before the prosecutors started working for the AGO.

“There were tens of millions, a hundred million and Rp 1 billion,” he said.

Attorney General Basrief Arief instructed his staff to trace the sources of suspicious transactions in the bank accounts.

The deputy attorney general for special crimes, Andhi Nirwanto, said the task had been assigned to Marwan, “because it is the job and of the internal supervision division to investigate prosecutors and other staff.”

Marwan said: “Based on my observation, the amounts are not that big. They’re too small, relatively small.”

He also said that some of the prosecutors were working at the AGO while others worked at some of the district courts.