AGO Continues to Circle Tax Office Suspect Dhana

By webadmin on 11:07 pm Feb 26, 2012
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Prosecutors confiscated a box of documents and a car during a search at the house of Dhana Widyatmika, a suspect in the latest potential blockbuster tax office corruption case.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, Noor Rachmad, said on Sunday that investigators searched over the weekend several houses related to the case, including Dhana’s.

Investigators were seen leaving the low-ranking tax official’s house with a box of documents. They also seized his Mini Cooper, which retails from around Rp 500 million ($55,000) here.

Noor did not offer details on the seized documents or say if they offered evidence linking other tax officials to corruption. “Let us do our work. We will announce everything later,” he said.

On Friday, prosecutors named Dhana a suspect in a corruption investigation after it was found that he may have amassed more than Rp 100 billion.

They found that Dhana had an “unreasonably large” amount of money in his bank accounts compared to his salary as a tax officer, which was about Rp 8 million a month, prompting the AGO to block his accounts and ban him from traveling abroad.

Local media quoted Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo saying Dhana may have amassed “more than Gayus Tambunan.”

Gayus was a low-ranking tax official who amassed about Rp 100 billion in bribes from companies seeking to evade their full tax obligations. He is serving multiple sentences for graft and bribery.

An anonymous source close to Dhana’s wife, who is also a tax official, was quoted by local media as saying she had at least Rp 60 billion in her accounts.

Noor said earlier that Dhana’s wife, identified only as D.A., was at this point being treated as a witness in the case, although prosecutors have seized her work computer and various documents in relation to the investigation into her husband.

The AGO said it had not yet taken Dhana into custody. Noor said the travel ban would suffice to ensure he stayed in the country.

Prosecutors began to investigate the couple after the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) reported suspicious transactions linked to Dhana’s accounts.

Officials seized Dhana’s work computer and documents during a search at the Jakarta Tax Office, which is under the provincial administration, on Friday.

Dhana was transferred from the Directorate General of Taxation, which is under the Ministry of Finance, to the Jakarta administration last month.