After Rigged Poll in Papua, a New Vote Is Called

By webadmin on 07:13 pm Jul 08, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Elections in Puncak Jaya district in Papua must be repeated in six villages in Mewoluk subdistrict after allegations of vote-rigging were upheld by the Constitutional Court on Friday.

Fresh votes in the villages of Glible, Gumbru, Kililumo, Lumo, Mewoluk and Mewud will be held to elect a district head and deputy.

Three sets of candidates will run in the new poll. Incumbents Henok Ibo and Yustus Wonda will be joined on the ballot by Sendius Wonda and Yorin Karoba; and Agus Kogoya and Yakon Enumbi.

Hendok and Yustus were accused of manufacturing the results of the first poll in the six villages. Despite voting booths being set up, opponents alleged polling cards were filled out by Hendok’s supporters.

The Constitutional Court’s website on Friday said the court “orders the General Election Commission for the Puncak Jaya district to conduct a repeat vote for the Puncak Jaya district elections in six villages in the Mewoluk subdistricts.”

The repeat vote must be held within 90 days of the order being issued, but considerations will be made for difficulties encountered in organizing a vote at short notice in a region that has seen an upsurge in unrest in recent months.