Actor Tommy Kurniawan Accused of ‘Wife-Napping’

By webadmin on 05:52 pm Apr 19, 2011
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Wedded bliss will have to wait for actor Tommy Kurniawan and Tania Nadira. The couple married in secret on April 11 at a mosque in Jati Asih, West Java, but Tommy’s new mother-in-law has now reported him to the police for kidnapping Tania.

Hana Hasanah Fadel filed the complaint on Monday. Hana is the wife of Fadel Muhammad, the minister of maritime affairs and fisheries.

Tommy, 26, who has starred in a number of TV soap operas, said that after discussing it with his lawyer on Monday, he and his wife had decided to live apart for now. 

“We will not live under the same roof for the time being,” he said. “My wife is going to return home until we settle this with her family.”

Tania, 19, said her mother had never approved of her relationship with Tommy. 

“My mother’s reports — whatever she told the police about Tommy — are all lies. If my mother wants to put Tommy in jail, I’ll go with him,” she said. “I hope the police can stand their ground and not just allow my mother to order them around because she’s a minister’s wife.”