Aceh Man Caught Smuggling 35 Kilograms of Marijuana to Medan

By webadmin on 04:06 pm Apr 28, 2012
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North Sumatra police have arrested an Acehnese civil servant allegedly attempting to smuggle 35 kilograms of marijuana from Aceh to Medan.

The arrest was made by North Sumatra’s Binjai Timur police as Muhammad Lephia, from the Aceh district of Aceh Tamiang, drove his car through Binjai Timur on his way to Medan.

Police found Lephia had hidden 35 kilograms of dry marijuana leaves behind the panels inside of his car, reported on Saturday.

Binjai Timur Police chief Adj. Comr. Ismui said Lephia admitted to serving as a delivery man and being paid Rp 200,000 ($22) per kilogram of dry marijuana leaves he delivered to an unknown person in Medan.

Lephia said he had agreed to deliver the marijuana to pay the bills for his car, which has now been seized by police.

Ismui said police had been suspicious of Lephia’s activities for some time, and had been monitoring his activity for two weeks before the arrest.

He added police would charge Lephia with the 2009 Law on Narcotics, and that he might face a minimum of 15 years in jail.

Under Indonesian law, a person found guilty of distributing more than 5 grams of marijuana might face the death penalty.