A Helping Hand

By webadmin on 10:39 pm May 31, 2012
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Indonesian Lauw Tjoang Eng, 50, who suffers from a rare genetic condition known as neurofibromatosis, or Von Recklinghausen’s disease, finally went to Singapore after an anonymous donor and volunteer group Count Me In paid for his trip. The Indonesia-based group also made arrangements with doctors for treatment.

Over the last 15 years, Eng had lumps grow larger and larger within the tissue of one of his eyelids, causing it to droop down to his nose and cover his right eye.

Surgeon Leslie Quek from Gleneagles Hospital helped Eng regain his sight, preforming the operation for free.

“If God blesses you, you never know what will come,” Lauw said.

Photos: JG/Yudhi Sukma Wijaya