5 Great…Ways to Quench Your Thirst

By webadmin on 09:38 am Jun 25, 2012
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Christi Hang

Jakarta provides as many, maybe even more, drink than food options. This week, we pick five very different but very delicious drinks worth trying. From the classic to the innovative, from fruity to chocolaty, there is bound to be something on this list for everyone’s taste.

Regional Brews: Anomali

Get a taste of the archipelago without leaving the city. Anomali Coffee brews single source beans from Sumatra to Papua and all points in-between. Anomali also prepares and sells the prized luwak, or civet droppings, coffee. But don’t let the exploration end at the cafe, take a bag of freshly roasted coffee home.

Mommy’s Ice Lemon Tea: Alex’s Pizza e Pasta

Manis, tawar, manis, tawar — sick of having just two choices when it comes to iced tea? Alex’s can help you mix up your routine with its Mom’s Ice Lemon Tea, which sets itself apart with a scoop of lemon sherbet. The tartness of the lemons and the creaminess of the sherbet mix together well to create a smooth but light refreshment to accompany Alex’s delicious Italian fare.

Teh Botol: Everywhere

You can’t make a list of refreshing drinks without including Teh Botol. Started in 1940, the ubiquitous drink is part of Indonesia’s identity. Although producer Sosro now makes Teh Botol in other varieties, including a boxed version and one with less sugar, most people still prefer a chilled bottle of the original homegrown classic.

Es Teler: Es Teler 77

The restaurant chain, named after the Indonesian staple, is so popular that it has made it overseas with branches in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. There must be a tasty reason it’s winning fans here and abroad. The restaurant’s take on the jackfruit, avocado, coconut, ice and syrup concoction will definitely hit the spot for people looking for a bite in their drinks.

Hot Chocolate: Teaspoon

Get ready for some nostalgia thanks to Teaspoon Cafe. The Kemang-area cafe makes a tasty hot chocolate, but its secret ingredient is marshmallows. The fluffy detail is just the right touch to get the childhood memories stirring. Even the biggest adult will have trouble resisting this whimsical touch.