11.11.11 Triggers Weddings, Births and Divorces

By webadmin on 07:56 pm Nov 11, 2011
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Jakarta Globe

Friday, 11.11.11, triggered a spate of weddings and births across Indonesia and an unusual coincidence in one city — 11 divorces.

In Pekanbaru, Riau, more than 80 babies were delivered, mainly by caesarean surgery. At one hospital alone, RSIA Andini, ten babies had been delivered by early Friday afternoon, with another ten women waiting in line to give birth.

Hospital spokeswoman Syarah Ulfah said the hospital had been booked out three months prior to the unusual date.

“There was even a patient who requested surgery and eleven past eleven,” she said.

In Bali, Ni Komang Hernasih said he and his wife chose to deliver their baby boy on Nov. 11, 2011, a day after the couple’s official due date.

“This is a special date as it is easy to remember,” Nur said. “Besides that, Muslims believe Friday is a day full of blessing.”

Weddings were also popular, with every Indonesian province reporting a flood of applicants wishing to perform their nuptials.

Indonesians Rush to Marry on 11-11-11

While the wedding business in Bandung, the capital of West Java, was also booming there was also an unusual coincidence.

“It is a coincidence, but today there are eleven couples officially divorcing,” an official from the Ministry of Religious Affairs said.